How it works

The IP Energizer® is a Wi-Fi enabled electric fence energizer that can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world. To achieve this, the IP Energizer® connects to your home Wi-Fi network and from there to the Internet. Controlling it is easy, simply download our IP Energizer Controller App, enter your IP Energizers unique password and start controlling and monitoring your fence.

Real-Time Notifications

Get notifications when someone turns your IP Energizer® off, or if a fence fault causes the voltage to drop below a minimum level that you set.

Monitor and Control Multiple Electric Fences in Real-Time

Using the IPEnergizer Controller App, monitoring and controlling your Electric Fence is simple. Data is only sent when values change, saving you on data running costs.

Monitor and Control Multiple Fences and Share them with Others

The IPEnergizer App allows you to control multiple IP Energizers. You may allow others to share your fence control if you give them the password.

Simple Setup

The IPEnergizer Controller App pairs and configures your IPEnergizer to connect to your home Wi-Fi network in a few simple steps

Why not try controlling an IP Energizer® yourself?

Below is a live feed from an IP Energizer® in our office.

NOTE: If you downloaded the App prior to the 6th of May, you will need to update from the Play store.

To Control it:

  • Download the IP Energizer Controller App

  • Go to settings, press 'Add Site'

  • Enter in a site name such as 'Horse Paddock'

  • Enter in the following serial number: 266576 and password: 266576javacherry

  • Choose a alarm threshold voltage that you wish to receive notifications for and press OK.

  • You should be able to then click on the newly created 'Horse Paddock' to view and control our IP Energizer®.